Company Profile
BackGround & Vision
Since 1983, KING'S SOLUTION CORP. has manufactured various injection molding, machine with tooling and automation system to meets different customers' needs. we commit ourselves to a professional group with excellent plasticity, base on lasting passion to machinery, combine plastic theory and design creativity, to provide precision, labor saving, long life, high speed, energy saving machinery.
The whole world faces the petroleum energy and metal steel shortage; so we dedicate to extend the Sustainability of our machine (at least 20 years service life). Adopting famous hydraulic and electronic parts with high performance, devoloping energy saving system and reducing the heat caused by the machine, even upgrading the old machines with lastest control system, we help our customer to protect the environment and cost down at the same time by choosing our Green-designed machinery and production solution.
We Made Quality
ISO's quality control and TQM production procedure are always our standard to achieve true quality stability. We understand to improve quality is to stare at begun. Customer satisfaction is always in our mind.
Global Sales
Through the borderless internet and our customer service group, in recent years, we expand and make brilliant achievements to the new developing market. Our customers are in Japan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine, Thailand, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Russia, UAE, Australia and Chine. The production lines include power cord and connector, 3C product, glasses, shoe-material, PET preform, rubber and silicon processing industry.
Customized Solution
Our service team have not only academic credentials but with plenty of practice experience. We strongly have full confidence to complete our clients' orders with our professional best solutions. Our customized service range is from whole plant turnkey solution to single machine propram, all should leads to greatest interests for our customer.