Innovative & powerful IPC control system
Flexible & Comprehensive Hardware
Powerful Management System
Customized & Open Interface

Customized energy saving system
All series with Kings special designed hydraulic system. We can customize the circuit according to different to different production request, by estimating & measuring power consumption of every action, to get the best result of energy saving and machine performance.
Variable pump + PQ system
Servo pump close loop system
High precision injection close (semi) loop system

The latest version of King's power economizing system, known for cutting energy consumption by 30~90%, is now available on all our machines. Adopted by some of the world's top manufacturing firms, the superior effectiveness of this design is now globally recognized. Our energy saving technology is the obvious choice for competitive, environmentally conscientious firms.

ENGINEERING Compact, space-saving design promotes the longevity of electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic parts.
PRECISION Precision-enhancing proportional flow cartridge valves from USA / Europe are equipped with advanced flow control systems.
ENERGY SAVINGS The combination of proportional pressure flow controls, variable pumps, accumulator, and remote pressure control devices add up to energy savings of 30~90%.
WATER SAVINGS Machines maintain a low oil temperature, thus saving on cooling water.
PRODUCTIVITY Users can opt to raise the injection rate by using a larger variable pump with a given motor.
QUIET OPERATION Low-noise design quiets movements and eliminates rattling.