20L(5 Gallon) Pet Preform Finished Products
20L(5 Gallon) Pet Preform Finished Products
Blowing Rate Up To 99.5%
100% Virgin PET Resin
No Crystallization
Low Defect Rate
Low Inner Stress
Lower Cost than PC BOTTLE
High Yield Rate
High Clarity

Lower Cost than PC bottle
BPA(Endocrine Disrupter Substance ,EDS) FREE!
DEHP (Plasticizer)-FREE!
Better Izod Impact Strength than PC
ECO-Friendly Material
Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is a thermoplastic polyester. It is used for the production of bottles, sheet, strapping and injection moulded products.

Product Range
3 Gallon / 12 Liter
Neck:Φ55 mm
Color: Clear
Product Weight: 380±5g
4 Gallon /17.5 Liter
Color: Clear
Neck: Φ55 mm
Product Weight:495±5g
5 Gallon / 20 Liter
Dimension: Φ55* 400L
Color: Ocean Blue or Clear
Product Weight: 700 g

King's Machinery has more than 30 years PET preform experience. We can design any gram, any size, any neck for our respected custome.
PET recycle and after-use.
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