Customized equipments make workers' operation simple and standard.
Emphasizing Ergonomics - Noticing the importance about the workers' safety and comfort. Increasing the productivity.
Adopting Industrial Engineering method to estimate production capacity, energy consumption, yield ratio to decide appropriate equipment & mold.
Training with knowledge & experience, reducing the incidence of errors , increasing production.
Best design to the mold construction and adopting CAE to reduce the further die-modification.
Using loading bar to raise the product efficiency.
Adopting Heavy-duty Steel to extend the mold Life.
Customized Machine For particular product, designed with precision mechanism, adopting rotary / shuttle table / automation to reduce wasting-time.
Energy saving design - Analyzing the molding actions, rationalizing the electrical & hydraulic circuit, adopting energy saving power source.
Computerization-Using customized program and interface to get product manufacturing data for the management and process improvement.
Mold platen designed according to customer's mold, for speedy and precise mold loading & unloading.
Accessories & equipments, according to different product material, we providing turn-key solution of the whole plant.