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Dual Injection Low Pressure Molding Machine


  • Machine driven by compressed air and servo motorised, energy saving, specially for clean room and laboratory.
  • The Pressure adjusting valve control the pressure of injection.
  • TWO PID thermal temperature control zones(Melting tank and nozzle).
  • Teflon coated melting tank made from Aluminum alloy, heated evenly & rapidly, much easier to clean.
  • Nozzle connected to melting tank, injection unit driven by air pressure.
  • Nozzle directly connected to gear pump and no heating pipe, avoid crystallization.
  • Two tie-bar design for molding small parts, operation easily.
  • Sealing cover, Safety Light curtain, pneumatic door and dual palm safety button for personnel safeguard.
  • Multi-Language PC Base industrial type Linux core system.
  • 1000 sets of mold settings can be stored and export as backup.
  • Complete record of history settings & warnings. Built in USB connect.
  • On-line control and maintenance service.

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