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We receive a good response in CHINAPLAS 2018

King's Solution Corp. receive a good response in CHINAPLAS 2018 exhibition with its innovative green design equipment, LSR and LPM. QuickColorChangeSystem LiquidSiliconeRubber Injection Molding Machine, King's Solution Corp. have reached a great achievement of saving material and more time-saving than ever; Compare to the screw barrel type, a LSR color change may waste up more than 20 kg of raw materials, with our Quick Color Change System in LSR, switching of silicone color will needed less than 1 kg. Full sets of color mixer cylinder and metering tube avoid material residue problem.

To clean screw barrel, that is ,to change the color of the LSR will needed at least half a day, our LSR need only 10 minutes.

LowPressureMolding Machine, CE marking certified, with its very low injection pressure 20~500psi (1.5~35 BAR), replaces the traditional epoxy molding compound, could protect electronic components, encapsulate wires and connectors without damaging components.

LSR and LPM as a new generation green design technology are a perfect combination to be equip into one machine with fully automated settings and servo computerised, which suitable for all kinds of electronic parts, automobile parts, and medical products that needed waterproof encapsulate and skin-friendly.

If you have any question about the machines, please do not hesitate to contact us.